Mood Music

Madeleine Peyroux is playing on the overhead speakers. Her unique style and sultry voice singing a cover version of Edith Pilaf’s “La Vie En Rose” is enough to put me into a jazz induced coma. My eyes feel heavy as I sit back in my lounge chair and let the music penetrate my soul.

There is something about Jazz that touches me like no other kind of music. The smooth, sultry, silky voices call out for me to stop and listen, stay a while and relax. I gladly oblige more often than not.

I picture myself back in the Jazz Age – the Roaring 20’s – the era where anything goes. Black and white photos flicker through my mind as I recall stories of flappers, pinstriped gangsters and invention of the automobile.

Music amazes me. We can transcend the reality of the moment and in a single note be transported to a different moment in time. Music can lift sadness, break anger, encourage happiness or amplify a current emotion. It can amp us up and wind us down. I am hard pressed to think of another source that can effect our being so strongly.

I was thinking about that as I was looking at my phone’s playlist this morning. I found myself shuffling through to find a song to wake me up and then realized quite some time later that while I was listening I was labeling each song to a particular feeling or emotion. So, you know me, I had to make a list.

This is a glance at a fraction of songs on my playlist along with the emotion or feeling that it stirs or reminds me of while I listen to it. It was a fun exercise to acknowledge the correlation between emotion and music and also a good reminder that I should be mindful what I listen to while I’m in particular frames of mind.

Triumphant – Sara Bareilles/King of Anything
Confident – Bruno Mars/Just The Way You Are
Relaxed – 311/Amber
Calm – Steve Winwood/Fly
Serene – Jack Johnson/F-Stop Blues
Girly – Train/Hey Soul Sister
Inspired – Gladys Knight/Midnight Train to Georgia
Vacant – James Blunt/You’re Beautiful
Hurt – Pink/Who Knew
Injured – Kings of Leon/Use Somebody
Loyal – Citizen Cope/Hurricane Waters
Buoyant – Bob Marley/One Love
Carefree – Christopher Cross/Sailing
Optimistic – Mint Royale/Singin’ in the Rain
Spirited – Modest Mouse/Float On
Vivacious – Heart/Barracuda
Brisk – Dave Matthews Band/Two Step
Generous – James Taylor/You’ve Got a Friend
Jolly – Elton John/Bennie and the Jets
Playful – Jack Johnson/Banana Pancakes
Thrilled – Neon Trees/Animal
Bitter – Rolling Stones/Paint it Black
Frustrated – John Mayer/Half of my Heart
Needy – Alicia Keys/If I Ain’t Got You
Eager – Michael Buble/Haven’t Met You Yet
Earnest – Plain White T’s/Hey There Delilah
Wishful – B.o.B/Airplanes
Familiar – Train/Meet Virginia
Bewildered – Katy Perry/Hot n Cold
Awkward – Queen/Bohemian Rhapsody
Distressed – Janis Joplin/Cry Baby
Pained – Eric Clapton/Running on Pain
Desirous – Journey/Faithfully
Sad – Blink 182/I Miss You
Sorrowful – Maroon 5/Misery
Suffering – Allman Brothers/Whipping Post
Heartbroken – John Mayer/Heartbreak Warfare
Melancholy – Damien Rice/Cannonball
Gloomy – John Mayer/Come Back to Bed
Somber – Imogen Heap/Hide and Seek
Irritated – Nirvana/Smells Like Teen Spirit
Heavy-Hearted – Jack Johnson/Traffic in the Sky
Quiet – Iron and Wine/Wild Horses
Mournful – The Script/Breakeven
Angry – Kiss with a Fist/Florence and the Machine
Dreary – Kings of Leon/Cold Desert
Brave – Not Afraid/Eminem
Wanting – Norah Jones/Cold Cold Heart
Done – Cee Lo Green/Forget You
In the dumps – Ben Folds Five/Brick
Mischievous –  Lady Gaga/Poker Face
Moody – Nina Simone/Feeling Good
Sulky – Coldplay/The Scientist
Out of Sorts – Adele/Hometown Glory
Snarky – Mike Posner/Cooler Than Me
Sulky – Berlinist/My Darling Grace
Disappointed – Keb’Mo/Flat Broke & Busted
Sacrificial – Bruno Mars/Grenade
Sympathetic – Bob Marley/No Woman No Cry
Resolve – Pink/Perfect
Choked up – Ingrid Michaelson/Winter Song
Ageless – Young Forever/Jay-Z
Honest – OneRepublic/Secrets
Wavering – The Verve/Bittersweet Symphony
Distant – Nickelback/Far Away
Jealous – Amy Winehouse/You Know I’m No Good
Helpless – James Blake/The Wilhelm Scream
Defeated – Citizen Cope/Bullet and a Target
Physical – John Mayer/Your Body is a Wonderland
Invincible – La Roux/Bulletproof
Stretched – Coldplay/Clocks
Empty – Band of Horses/No One’s Gonna Love You
Strong – Kings of Leon/Sex on Fire
Panicky – Lady Gaga/Bad Romance
Stuck– The Eagles/Hotel California
Breathless – Belle Boussole/Chocolate Cake
In Love – Michael Buble/Everything
Hopeful – Citizen Cope/If There’s Love
Infatuated – Frank Sinatra/Under My Skin
Attracted – Blue Oyster Cult/Burning For You
Alive – Arcade Fire/Wake Up
Pumped – Edward Maya/Stereo Love
Matched – Sugarland/Stuck Like Glue
Light – Owl City/Fireflies
Affectionate – Coldplay/Swallowed by the Sea
Soft – Joseph Arthur/Honey and the Moon
Close – Coldplay/Fix You
Loving – Jason Mraz/Lucky
Sexy – Diana Krall/The Look of Love
Tender – Glen Hansard/Falling Slowly
Seductive – Norah Jones/The Nearness of You
Permanent – Train/Marry Me
Open – Ingrid Michaelson/You & I
Appealing – U2/Sweetest Thing
Sweet – Colbie Caillat/Fallin’ for You
Excited – Chris Brown/Forever
Torn – Kings of Leon/Revelry
Cuddly – Dave Matthews Band/Crash into Me

I had an idea for some posts – that I will take a song from the list and basically dissect it to find out what it is that makes me feel the way I do when I listen to it. So you can anticipate that in the near future. I welcome all of you to put together your own list of mood music and delve a little further into the mysteries that music unlocks.

Until next time – Turn up the speakers and close your eyes. Music sounds better that way.



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