Happy Monday!

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Actually Monday’s are a drag more often than not. But today I can’t help but be a little more excited than usual. My first restaurant review was published on Charlotte Exclusive and I’m excited to finally be back in my niche.

This weekend was a busy one what with the restaurant review and getting to spend some time photography Aubrey, friend and classic beauty! Photos are available in the portrait section of my temporary website here: wix.com/klmackie/photography

I’ve got both days next weekend booked up to photograph friends. Still working on that portfolio. I might put out some feelers this week on Craigslist for some freelance work. I’m a bit reserved though because I still need to register a business name for Tilted Bliss and all of that other legal nonsense before I start making extra money.

All of that said I’m excited how things are coming along. It’s nice to be appreciated for my work and the editor, JP, at Charlotte Exclusive has certainly made me feel right at home. In fact I’ll have business cards soon and then it’ll be even more official that one again I am, officially, a writer.

With a renewed sense of self I’m getting even more feedback on the photography website which is great too because that’s something very near and dear to me. I’m practically jumping out of my skin about all of this!

In other news NPC and I are happy as ever and he’s in love with his Xbox. Even I have to admit that it’s a fun diversion from the responsibilities and stresses of everyday living. But, like anything else that stimulates the senses, it can be a time-vacuum. I got sucked away yesterday sitting on the couch in my pajamas playing Call of Duty. /le sigh   I’ve never really been a “gamer” but I can see the appeal of relaxing and just letting your mind shut down for a while.

I haven’t been doing too much cooking lately because of all of the excitement and business going on. Hopefully this week I’ll get in at least one decent meal that’s home made. NPC isn’t complaining, though, which is great.

I think after our meal at Barrington’s we’re both pretty well satisfied.

As for the rest of the week I’ll be focusing on work as the district manager is making her way in to meet with us all. 10 – 7 doesn’t pass by quickly enough.

Hope you all have a great day – and thanks for coming on this journey with me.



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