If These Walls Could Talk

March 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

My kitchen is small. There is no high tech refrigerator, twelve burner range (I wish!) or handy island to create extra cooking space. Although it is by no means claustrophobic I could do with some extra counter space and a few more cupboards. Apartment life is not ideal for the aspiring and/or hobby cook.

With that said I have had the means to create many wonderful dishes to set at my dining room table, conveniently set five feet away from my counters. I’ve also had many flopped dishes in this kitchen. If these walls could talk they would tell you that for every awesome creation I’ve had two or three failures. They would also tell you that I’ve laughed, cried and jumped around excitedly like a maniac over my dishes as well. Some of which is hardly normal.

On any given workday I don’t like to come home and “slave” over a hot stove (much to the chagrin of my always hungry boyfriend NPC) because it’s late and I’m especially tired from my grueling day in jewelery repair. There are a few standby dishes that don’t take long to make that I will consider preparing if I’ve had a good day but if it’s been a bad day… Well let’s just say that the food on those days doesn’t belong in a cook book.

We’re both college aged, NPC and I, so that lends itself to an excuse that we can purchase Ramen Noodles with no shame. Actually there isn’t anything wrong with Ramen once you find a way to dress it up. (Although it isn’t particularly healthy, shame on me.) But you can find things to add to it that make a quick meal easy and it’s usually edible.

One of my new favorite ingredients lately is sherry. It seems that I can add it to almost anything and add an extra layer of depth. Even baking! But the other night I added a few teaspoons of sherry, some peas and pearl onions and butter to my batch of Ramen (traditional Ramen eaters are shaking their heads right now) and it was actually pretty darn good. What made it taste even better was the five minutes it took to make it.

Yes I can cook a prime rib, fancy potatoes and roasted veggies and spend the entire day baking something wonderful but even on the weekends lately I’m just not motivated.

Rally with me folks because I need some help here. Do you have quick, delicious recipes? If so please share! I’m dying for something quick, easy and delicous (and good for me, too if I can have my cake and eat it too).

I need to go digging around in my cookbooks and see what’s up. I think I’ll pay a visit to Donna Hay’s book tonight. If you don’t know who Donna Hay is shame on you! Seriously though, you need to! She has some amazing, simple recipes. Check out her website http://www.donnahay.com.au/recipes and then check out mine. www.attraversante.wordpress.com and hopefully you’ll see me cooking away.

Until next time,

Kit Mackie


§ 2 Responses to If These Walls Could Talk

  • janet-ta Russo-a says:

    Hmm.. Bertolli’s (in the freezer section) actually has some pretty good dishes, but 1 bag would feed NPC. At 6 bucks it’s not a wonderful deal, but a savior with a salad.

    Summer sausage, onions, peas, scrambled eggs and fried potatos.. 20 minute fix tops with toast or a bagel.

    4 pork chops baking.. 350 35 minutes ( you can butter and season) and go do something else. Then add stove top stuffing (your choice prepared) on top and some sliced carrots (steam first in micro) cover with foil and let bake another 20 minutes. Good dinner with wine, not alot of attention.

    Manwhiches or Barbecue on bakery rolls, salad, chips, fruit with whipped Cream.. 20 minutes.

    Corned beef Hash. I can Corned beef. Peel potatoes, cook, mash with butter. Mix Corned beef into mash potatoes, add 1 raw egg, diced green pepper. Bake 25 min until top is just turning brown. Kelibasa Links pan fried.. veggies steamed. Prep time 25 minutes

    Pizza Hoagies: 4 torpedo rolls, Meatball mix. Brown meatball mix, add sauce, let simmer 10 minutes, fill each roll with mixture, top with shredded parm or 4 cheeses shredded. wrap each in foil and baek 15 minutes or until heated through. Serve with apple crisp and chips

  • Kris Matthews says:

    Takes some thinking ahead but I love the crockpot! 🙂

    Pork Roast in Cranberry Sauce

    –2 lb Pork Roast or Tenderloin
    –1 envelope Onion Soup Mix
    –1 can Cranberry Sauce
    –salt and pepper to taste

    Rub Pork Roast with onion soup mix, salt and pepper. Pour cranberry sauce over the pork roast and cook on low, all day. Serve with mashed potatoes…the store bought kind that you can dress up if you so desire! 🙂

    CrockPot Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

    The Ingredients.
    –1/2 pound uncooked macaroni or hearty pasta
    –4 cups of milk
    –1 egg
    –4 cups shredded cheese
    –1/2 t kosher salt
    –1/2 t black pepper
    –1 tsp dried mustard

    The Directions.

    Spray crock well with cooking spray. In a mixing bowl, whip egg and milk together. Stir in spices.

    Add cheese and noodles, and stir well to combine. Pour the mixture into the crockpot.

    It will be very liquidy.

    Cover and cook on low for 2-5 hours, or on high for 1-3. The cooking time will vary depending on what size crockpot you are using, and how quickly it heats and cooks.

    The Pork Chop idea is goood too! Mix some honey and lime juice together and marinade all day, if you want and throw in the oven for 30 – 35 min. YUM!

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