What’s in Your Fridge?

March 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Taking a queue from the commercials for Capitol One “What’s in your Wallet?” I decided to give you a glance into my fridge. It’s messy, it’s unorganized and it doesn’t make much sense unless you know what’s in my cupboards. However I’m giving you a peek so that you can help ME figure out what to make for dinner!

Top shelf (in order of appearance): ROSE’ Sauce, Arnold Palmer’s, tomato, applesauce, pears.

Drawer: Italian blend shredded cheese, butter, Parmesan, sliced Turkey.

Shelf: Cream Cheese, Ricotta cheese, cranberry sauce (yum!), tonic water, simply orange juice, sprinkle cheese, 1/2 a jar of puttanesca sauce, cranberry juice.

Shelf: More tomato sauce!, yogurt, margarine (NPC likes it – not me!), sour cream, lemons, greek yogurt, limes.

Drawer #1: Beer

Drawer #2: Various veggies: Carrots, spinach, 1/2 an onion, peppers.

I’ve got a pretty stocked pantry and the grocery store is down the street. I need to get rid of some of this stuff! Inspire me!


§ One Response to What’s in Your Fridge?

  • janet-ta Russo-a says:

    Dice up all of your veggies and tomato’s and saute them. Blend all of your tomato sauces and add just a bit of sugar, red wine and spices to taste. (Shred the turkey and saute that with the veggies.. if your desperate 🙂
    Blend your meat and veggie mixture into your sauce when heated through and let simmer. Taste test.. and flavor to your appeal.

    Add your Ricotta to thicken and get into that pantry and cook some pasta! Got any lasagna noodles? This would be perfect.. because you can layer instead of blend your mixture.

    Top with the parmesan cheese and let melt.

    squeeze the lemons and limes and take the juice and out into your blender. Add the OJ and the CBJ.. got any red wine? Next add your tonic water.. (wine coolers!) Again.. flavor to your liking. Sweeten if necessary or keep it dry and tart.

    Core your pears and dice them. Cook down into a pear sauce with a little butter and add the apple sauce. Flavor to taste. let cool. Add the yogurt and a touch of sour cream.

    Let NPC keep the margerine for breakfast and chuck the cranberry sauce! YUCKERS!


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