Let them eat… something else.

February 23, 2011 § 3 Comments

It should have looked like this.

It seems like lately I keep jumping into the culinary confessional booth. Here I go again telling you all of the wonderfully delicious things I can absolutely not seem to make.

Cake. I can NOT bake a cake to save my life. Maybe three times in the almost 27 years I’ve been alive have I actually been able to get a cake out of the oven that was edible. 2 of those times it fell apart while I was frosting it which means that only ONE time I’ve made a cake successfully.

Shame, shame, shame.

I don’t know what it is about making cake that is so complicated for me. I either burn it or the outside is cooked while the inside is raw. And it’s funny because I can make a cupcake. But if you put it in a cake pan I’m done. Overdone, even.

My friend’s birthday came and went and I tried twice to bake a cake. The first time I ended up forgetting about it because I didn’t set the oven timer and what came out was a charcoal brick. The second cake I made looked promising as I pulled it out after the instructed 45 minutes. But when I stuck the toothpick in it what came out was runny and not at all cake-like. I put it back in and ended up overcooking the outside before the inside was done. And there’s not much else in the culinary world as disappointing as dry cake.

So I ended up doing the walk of shame into the bakery at the grocery store and purchasing a mediocre raspberry filled layer cake. I frosted it and decorated it with white chocolate chips and called it done.

Eventually I’m going to make it a mission of sorts to get the cake thing down. But it looks like I’m going the brownie route for birthdays from here on out… at least for now.

I’m open for tips cake-bakers. I need an intervention!


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§ 3 Responses to Let them eat… something else.

  • Try something easier first and work your way up. I cannot cook also cakes…
    If it doesn’t look like in the picture there is no problem because your guest won’t make picture, they will eat it and the taste has to be awesome! As far as I could see, with cakes you have to be very careful. Preheat the oven, check the temperature with a thermometer ( maybe your oven doesn’t display exactly the temperature), put love in it and I can bet that your next cake will be delicious!

  • sandi says:

    The key to a great cake (or cupcakes!) is to let it cool completely before you even think about trying to frost it! I have torn up many a cake by getting an itchy icing finger! That’s why I like drippy cakes – the ones where you frost it with either liquid ganache, or while it’s hot and just let the icing drip off of it. Yum. Ii want cake. :o)

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