It’s Official

February 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve applied to become a writer for a local publication. God only knows what Pandora’s box I’ve just opened on top of working full time and going to school full time and blogging during meals. At the very least I’ve written and sent an application and if that’s the only thing I walk away with from this that’ll be okay because I actually thought it was a pretty good one. For your reading pleasure:

Backstory: Local publication seeks bloggers and writers. Send an application and tell us about yourself.

Application (Email):

Subject: Dear Craiglist Stranger – An Application

Email body:

This is awkward. Actually, this feels a lot like writing the introductory email to a new online interest or pen pal. (Not that I would know, of course.) The first email always feels self centered and egotistical… regardless, it’s all I have to run with other than your to-the-point Craigslist Ad. With that said let the boasting begin!

My name is Katie. (I also go by “Kate” on days that my friends like me more than usual.) I will be 27 sooner than I’d like to be and I currently live about 10 minutes outside of Charlotte with my too-chunky dog and too-cute boyfriend. (Who I love dearly of course.) I also use side notes too frequently.

My interests include but are not limited to: Fine Dining, Travel, events of any nature, Wine, Arts & Culture, People and Special Interests. Outside of that box I also give advice freely and write often about things that have and have not happened to me. I have a blog that I write for the sole purpose of hearing myself talk… however it seems that a few other people are listening to me there as well so I don’t have to feel quite as guilty. You can view it here.

As for your requirements I am organized when needed, energetic when caffeinated and abundantly passionate. I have a background both in writing and cooking as I was a catering chef for quite some time. I am also a weekend-traveler, wine drinker and people watcher (in the least stalker-ish way possible). My readers would be able to say if I am or am not engaging so I’ll let them be the judge of that. My perspective is as multi-colored as a double rainbow.

Top notch editing isn’t necessarily my forte yet (in form at least) but I am currently attending college for an Arts degree which will hopefully get me closer to my Communications degree and more in-tune with my grammatically correct self. (I know it’s in there somewhere.)

Taking direction is not a problem for me (unless it comes from Mapquest) as I grew up with normal parents and no authority-issues. However I will refuse to disregard my ethics for the purpose of entertainment. (Free wine on the other hand…)

I am hopelessly addicted to (strike that) experienced with social media but have not yet delved into daily Twittering.

I have experience writing for an online publication. I have attached a few samples.

You may be able to tell that I have a broad perspective. I can write from a serious or humorous standpoint. I can write fiction and nonfiction. Or I can just go get the coffee.

Either way I’d love to be considered for whatever it was I was applying for in the first place.

Thanks for considering me,



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