Time with the Kids

February 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Kiddos: Lilly, Rachel and Grant

I’ve falling off the blogging bandwagon and I’m trying to get back on gracefully but it seems the last few days I’m clawing at my computer like a madwoman – and missing the wagon altogether. It was such a busy weekend and then Valentines Day came and went an now the dust seems to be settling.

On Friday night I picked up my little buddies Grant and Rachel. Then my friend Kristy dropped off her daughter Lilly and all of a sudden my quiet apartment turned into pillow-fights and tickle monster land. I adore children and loved getting the chance to play “parent” for the weekend. I learn every time they are around how much I look forward to eventually being a mom and doting on my own kiddos… but for now these will do just fine.

We spent the night on Friday watching movies – the girls took to the TV upstairs and watched Alpha and Omega (a very cute cartoon movie) and Grant and I watched Harry Potter downstairs. Grant is just a little bundle of energy and has the most amazing imagination and talks a mile a minute – I love it. We ate popcorn and I let them eat way too much candy and they had a blast.

Did you know that children wake up at 7am? On the weekend? I’m learning as I go along. Sleeping in while kids are around is impossible – but entirely worth it. We got up and went to IHOP for breakfast.

Learn something new about me: I’m not a breakfast person. At least not usually. I don’t seem to have the stomach for more than a granola bar that early in the morning. But all the same – for the sake of being a good example – we all had a good sized breakfast before the day began. I can’t believe how much those kids can eat. Pancakes and eggs and bacon and hot chocolate and then they were picking off my plate. And then they were hungry two hours later, go figure.

So then we went to this place called Extreme Play – which is basically a huge room full of moon-bounce obstacle courses. They have a wonderful drop-and-shop program which I utilized long enough to go next door (this was in the mall) and get my hair cut. I’ve been needing one for so long and it was nice to have 15 minutes to myself and get it done. And then I went back next door and corralled the kids from the jumping and running and screaming masses.

Next on the stop was Dave and Buster’s. At night this place is an adult-version of a Chuck-E-Cheese (read: Hell) but during the day it’s quiet enough to bring the kids and let them play in the arcade. Another great thing about it is there is a bowling alley there. So we decided to do both.

Bowling with children is hilarious. Of course we started on a broken lane that only had one bumper (which = children not having a good time) so we were moved lanes twice. Once we finally got settled it was fun to watch the girls help 5 year old Grant get the ball rolling down the lane. He was so excited when he got a strike that he actually ran across someone else’s lane screaming. It was awesome. Of course there were the necessary spilled drinks and messes – but altogether one of the best times I’ve had bowling, ever.

After the bowling we, against my better judgement, went to the arcade. We must have walked 150 laps around the arcade while the kids tried to figure out what they wanted to play – and which games gave the most tickets. They did have fun though. They enjoyed sitting on the stool at the “Deal or No Deal” game picking out briefcases for a half hour – winning tickets aplenty. It was fun watching them laugh and smile and scream. Kids really do have the best ways of expressing themselves. Then they picked out their prizes – a long, tedious task – and we left.

Then we went out to lunch at Hawthorne’s – a pizza place. I love a good, thin crust, cheesy, light-on-the-sauce pizza and this place really nailed it. It’s just like the New York style pizza I grew up loving in New England. Most certainly it will be a place I return to again soon.

It was a busy, busy day but a fun one all the same.

Valentines Day has come and gone and I spent time with NPC watching movies and eating Sushi and relaxing. It was nice for a change to eat-in instead of going out to an uppity restaurant. All-in-all it was a lovely weekend and a great start to the week.

My plans for this week are to tackle a recipe or two in my Williams Sonoma Italian cookbook – but we’ll see if I can find the time. For now it’s off to work… Have a wonderful day!        xo




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