My Mornings

February 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s a dreary day today in Charlotte, North Carolina. The sky is streaked with grey rainclouds and the sun is, as I often imagine, still cozied up in its toasty little bed – refusing to rise and shine. There is an undeniable crispness in the air that is the slightest bit damp from an early morning rain and sends a chill down my spine.

I am sitting, as I usually do, in Panera Bread waiting for 10:00 to roll around so I can go to work. I’ve told you before that this is my early morning routine but I’ve never truly delved into what my mornings are usually like. It seems fitting today as I look out the window at the puddles in the parking lot and the cars whizzing by on the street.

I wonder this early in the morning what people are doing. I should imagine that the luckiest of those people are still snuggled up in bed, perhaps just rising and putting on their fuzzy bunny slippers and reading the morning newspaper without a plan for the day. I envy those people this morning as my eyes have yet to truly open and greet the day.

My bagel, freshly toasted, is an Asiago cheese bagel and smells intoxicating to my hungry belly. The sounds of the morning are ones of people typing on their laptops, coffee grinding in the machine and bagels landing in the bottom of the toaster. Conversations are to be had this morning and there are papers to be read.

I love this place. It is warm – oranges and browns offer a soothing way to wake up for those of us who do not pop out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed first thing in the morning. The atmosphere is cozy, the couches are leather and the people are friendly and remember me by name. The familiarity of this place is the reason I come here. (Not to mention that its next door to my work and provides a cozy shelter on a rainy day while I wait for them to unlock the doors.)

Learn something new about me: I’m not a morning person. You may have already gathered that. However on this most auspicious of days I’m in a wonderful mood and ready for a good day to be had. Why am I in such a good mood? I had a wonderful, cozy, warm nights sleep! Finally, maybe the first time in months, I slept through the night and I feel AAA+ today. (Which is good because our district manager may be coming through today and on a normal day that might pop my unusually thin bubble.)

Tonight I plan on cooking something delicious. I still haven’t made use of those adorably small potatoes I bought at Trader Joe’s so I’ll be dreaming of ways to cook them up as I work.

As for now I should start packing up and take a few moments to catch up on the news so I wish you all a wonderful, warm and sunny day – no matter what the weather holds for you.               xo


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