To the Nth Degree

February 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Here I am again trying to figure out what in the world I’m going to do with the rest of my life. It’s both hilarious and depressing that at the age of 26 I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. It’s also amazing that the reason I have no idea is because I have too many ideas.  Well I’ve decided that it’s time to focus.

Wilfred Peterson said “Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve.” Well excuse me Mr. Peterson but where have you been all my life? My high school advisor didn’t tell me that. In fact, I remember very clearly that she asked me “What do you want to do?” to which I replied “I don’t know yet.” and then she said, “Well don’t you worry… you have all the time in the world to figure it out. And it’s good that you seem to be enthusiastic – to the 9th degree.

Well excuse me Mrs. High School Advisor lady but that was entirely misleading and very incorrect.

Yes I’m quite aware that I could, in theory, change my mind many times or just stay in school – a student forever. But that isn’t what I want. In fact up until now I haven’t really had any idea what I want to do with my life – aside from make money as happily as possible.

Sure I’ve had some ideas for what I’d like to do. It has included (but is not limited to) the following:

Childhood Aspirations – Babysitter, Tiffany impersonator, New Kids on the Block lover, Dog Walker.
Teen Aged Aspirations – Nurse, Teacher, Back-up Singer, Artist, Photographer, Poet
Age 16 – 20 Somethings – Interior Designer, Architect, Photographer, Writer, Chef, Teacher, Psychologist
Adult Aspirations – Chef, Writer, Photographer, Jeweler???

So as you can see the ideas have dwindled down the creative gauntlet into a more concise list – but all the while those other aspirations of long-ago nag at the back of my mind. “Are you sure you don’t want to be a teacher?” (Insert drawn-out sigh here please.)

I have too many dreams and not enough follow-through. I started at Johnson and Whales for a very short time after high school and decided that hands on experience was enough (and I wasn’t about to afford the tuition) so I left that dream and simply worked my rear off in professional kitchens. I did love cooking – still do love cooking – but I realized that it wasn’t my dream job. I was good at it, ran many kitchens well, but left it feeling empty and wandering.

I’ve had jobs in different fields… Sales, Culinary, Administration, Management and now Jeweler (and who knows where that will lead). But today I made a decision and I’m going to stick to it if it kills me.

I’m going to school to get my Communications Degree with a minor in Journalism. (Insert collective gasp.)

I love to write. I love to take pictures. I love to talk about things that are happening (in both biased and unbiased ways) and I love people. I love to travel. I think this is what makes me happiest of all. (Oh and I love blogging and talking to you!)

So that’s it. I’m going to get my degree and I’m going to be a journalist and do what I love and I’m not even going to think about how much it’s going to cost me or how little I’m going to make or how competitive the market is right now because it’s what I love and it’s going to fall into place.

Either that or I’m going to freelance and work at McDonald’s. Who knows. But at least I’ll have a degree and something that I can look at and know that I went all-the-way with. Consider this my first major step in self-discipline training.

Spring 2011 term is already started so it looks like I’m going to be doing Summer term – registration is the first week of May. I’ll be doing the local community college for my general courses and headed to the state college for the big-leagues. I’m going to go for it this time, all the way.

I just hope you’re going to be here to root me on because I get the feeling I’m going to need some moral support.

But that’s okay because hey, I’m enthusiastic to the Nth degree.


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