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January 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

There is one dream that I have for my life that I am determined to make happen someday. I want to design my own house. I don’t know if it’ll actually get built – but I at least want to design it. I’m talking blueprints software and mathematical calculations and everything.

I remember having a project in the 7th or 8th grade in which we had to draw up “blueprints” of a house. I also remember sitting up in bed late at night under my tiny little lamp with mechanical pencils and graphing paper dreaming of what kind of house I’d want to live in and what my life would be like.

Regardless I enjoy searching through other people’s homes to find things I would want to put in mine. So here’s a glance at what my dream house could be like someday.

Home Library DesignsRainshine 150709 016 Complex Sustainable Residence in Georgia, USA: The RainShine House

I love the warm colors of the woods, open floor plans and natural elements of these places. The list will change from time-to-time but the constant design elements I love seem to be naturals – woods, browns and tans, lots of light, marble and stone and inviting the outdoors inside.     What’s your ideal home?

Until next time, happy house-hunting!


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