Day 9 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

January 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Before you read this post please know that these views are mine alone and are not meant to offend anyone.

My views on alcohol:

In my life I’ve met many people who have different relationships with alcohol. Some drink for pleasure, some drink because of peer pressure, some drink because it masks their pain for a short time, some drink because there isn’t anything else better to do and some drink because they want to “loosen up” and relax.

I view alcohol a few ways of my own. First, talking about consumption of any alcoholic beverage, I view it like a rich food – something that can taste good but isn’t very good for you and that needs to be had in moderation. Yes, a few times I’ve had a few too many drinks and woke up very sorry for doing it – and I’m positive that I won’t be doing it again. The last time was pretty awful. I spent the evening with my head in the toilet – praying to God that I wouldn’t die – with the room spinning all around me and my sense of gravity completely buggered up. Not fun – and NOT worth it.

Secondly I view alcohol with respect. Let’s face it – alcohol can be a dangerous, dangerous thing. It can lead people to do things they shouldn’t and cause a great deal of harm to those around it.

Given those two things alone I may have a glass of wine with dinner or a beer with some friends but I very rarely drink enough for it to alter my state of mind – or equalibrium.

My views on drugs:

Yes, I have friends that smoke pot on occasion. Yes, I’ve done it. No, I don’t do it anymore. No, I don’t condone it.

I’ve never done any other drugs. I consider everything other than pot a “hard drug” and I have zero (zip, zilch, none, nada) interest in doing any of them.

Now here’s where the “rubber meets the road” and it gets a bit more touchy because this is something that, without a doubt, bothers the ever loving crap out of me.

I have known multiple people in my life who have children and still continue to use drugs. Yes, again, I consider pot a drug. It may not be hard like the others and the effects may be a bit milder but at any rate.. People who have children, especially, should not be using drugs. If you have mental issues or some kind of problem – get therapy, not drugs. You have a responsibility to set an example for your children and bringing that kind of environment around children is irresponsible and careless. I don’t care if you don’t do it around your kids. Are you parenting in an altered state of mind? Then you’re doing drugs around your kids.

Most of the people I know who are in situations like this also find themselves either jobless or in a crappy job and not very motivated to get something better. They also tend to be irresponsible and don’t take as much interest in taking care of their families as they should.

I’m not targeting anyone in particular – this is just something I’ve noticed as a pattern.

So where does it end? I understand that drugs and alcohol are addictive but there are plenty of ways to get help. I suppose, like any 12 step program, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

I just hope for your sake, if you’re someone who does these things, and for the sake of your family that you figure it out. Sometime you have to grow up, take responsibility for your life and get your act together.

Like I said, touchy subject, but hey.. y0u asked!


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  • mindslam says:

    Great post…I do love my beer & really drink it to relax & that’s all, I drink nothing else. As far as the drugs…just like you..have tried pot twice in my life & the last time was 23 years ago…never anything else. It can all be very tuff if you have a loved one that is on any of this bad. My wife is an alcoholic…I love her to death, but it is so tuff dealing with it sometimes!

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