Worker’s Paradise

January 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

In lieu of writing something intelligible tonight I’m suffering from an 11-hour day burnout and browsing photos of offices I’d rather be working in (for the purpose of having comfortable surroundings). The shop does not look like any of these places. We need some TLC in there.. or some groundbreaking architecture. Seriously, a jeweler needs to go in there and make the design/layout more efficient. And a cleric needs to go in and make the office-space more efficient. I’m not always super-organised but oh my goodness there is such a lack of flow in that space.

I’m digging these offices and totally jealous of it’s inhabitants:

google4 Google Zurich has this room available to its staff for relaxing. Obviously it’s very important to rest your brain in a dimly lit room/aquarium on a daily basis.

I think every office should have a room just like this… only the chairs should be like the ones in the mall with the massager in them.

I don’t know what you’d have to do to get in on a bit of that action but I’m totally in.


This is an office at Pixar. Another fun place to work I bet.

redbull5 Red Bull London… they have a carbon slide to get  downstairs. I mean, really? How cool is that?

It’s not every day you get to have a playground in your office.

facebook2 Facebook.
I mean.. I want my house to look like this, let alone my office.

chamber1 Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Slovenia.

Well I mean… this has to be the coolest office ever. And it’s in Slovenia?

Wait a second while I go Google Slovenia and see where it is…

It borders Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria.    Who knew?    ..Not me.

Well that was depressing. Can’t wait until tomorrow to go back to my dungeon.   😉                xo


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