(Un)Happy Endings

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

NPC and I just got done watching Centurion. If you haven’t seen it and want to then don’t read this. (SPOILER ALERT).  

The movie was about Centurion soldiers who were fighting a clan called the Picts – lead by a human/wolf tracker with an uncanny sense of direction. Basically the entire army gets wiped out by a handful of these evil ninja pict soldiers who fight in the nighttime and track their “prey”. It’s a seriously grotesque movie. If you’re into gory battle scenes where people get decapitated and chopped up then you might actually enjoy it but I found myself more often then not closing my eyes and blocking my ears.

The thing about these kinds of movies is they don’t have happy endings. In this particular one two guys make it – out of 7 who band together to get “home”. They’re almost at the garrison when a friendly soldier – who thinks they’re Picts – kills one with an arrow. Then the leader decides to wipe this from Roman history and tries to kill the last guy. Fortunately he anticipates it and leaves – injured – to the arms of a friendly “witch” who had been outcasted from the Picts.

Seriously… why do people watch movies like this? The good guys die – not even victoriously – in battle. Weeded out one by one. And it’s gory. And the “happy” ending isn’t even happy because all you can think about is how nasty the movie was. It makes me angry. Stupid dumb movie.

I guess I only like happy endings.


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