Sticky Situations: Take 2.

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Of all the ideas I’ve not committed to had this could be one of the funnest for me. I love to doodle! So much so that I bought myself a fun little tablet for my laptop so that I could draw in Photoshop (because trying to do that with the mouse is nearly impossible). The first few drawings could have very well been made by a 3 year old but the more I practiced, the more fun it was and the better it seemed to get. So, should I decide to hook up the tablet again I’ll post them here for you.

The premise of the doodles is this: Awkward situations and sticky notes. I love Post-it notes. Just ask the people I work with. They’re everywhere. So I drew something based on an awkward situation, how my imagination sees it happen and wrote how I might respond to it via sticky note. Here are the few I have done… hopefully more will follow.   (CLICK the image for a larger scale.)

Random, old, funny laws are inspiring. I’m sure I’ll revisit them in the future. They were the basis for this first drawing. Little did I know this but in Alabama bear wrestling matches used to be (and maybe still are) prohibited.

Now I assume that this is/was something along the lines of what Vick did with the dogs. (Shame.) But when I get a visual it is something more along the lines of a sheriff coming across two bears wrestling in the woods. The question is: How would you enforce such a law prohibiting them to do so? Well, if you’re asking me.. I’d let them off with a warning…

Arresting a bear? Now that’s just silly.. and dangerous. And hey, better safe than sorry.


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