Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment


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Instead of discussing problems I’ve had with other people – which I feel is best left behind closed doors – I’m going to have a chat with you about the general subject of forgiveness.

First you should know, in case this is a new topic for you, forgiveness is very hard. Sometimes it is close to impossible – and that feeling is normal. I’ve been so angry at someone that I could barely believe the thoughts in my mind – and it was very hard to keep my mouth shut. Close to impossible. So much so that the idea of forgiving them was the furthest thing from my mind.

The thing about anger is that it fades. Eventually the big, stormy, thundery clouds go away and the sun comes up and all is right with the world. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes a week, sometimes even years. But it does come up. And when the anger fades it’s important to forgive.

Sure it’s ideal to forgive and forget as quickly as you were angered but for me, at least, that seems like a goal I have to work towards. Do I hold a grudge? Sometimes… but it doesn’t last forever. And usually I feel badly about myself once I deal with it and work my way to the other side.

We tend to get too emotional don’t we? I do, anyways.

I’m reading a book right now about learning not to react when something makes you angry, sad, etc. In the book they talk about controlling your thoughts so that when you feel that sudden PING of emotion you swallow it, take a moment, roll it around in your mind, savor it even.. and then you let it go. You eventually find that you don’t react to things as quickly and that you consider what you want to say more often before you open your mouth (and put your foot in it).

Anyways – what I’m getting at is that we all need to learn how to forgive. (And, if made possible by intensive hypnotherapy, forget.)

There are people, even right this moment, that I still need to forgive – and each day I’m working on it. It takes practice – and… practice makes perfect.

Until next time I hope you lay down the axe and think about your foot first.           xo


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