Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

January 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

(Click here for the complete list of prompts.)

Day 01 of my truth-in-blogging and who the heck would make “Something you hate about yourself” the opener?! I didn’t write the prompts so I’d like to thank whoever was in search of truth and self-discovery and started at the bottom of the pit for making this the setting-of-the-bar topic. But I digress, let me stay on topic and proceed.

Assuming anyone at all is reading this blog I suppose you’ll get to know me pretty quickly from my posts. If you read this post then I’m guessing you know all about my lack of self-discipline and how I’ve made it an Intention (or Resolution) to “master” this once and for all.

Pscht. <– The sound I just made while I was laughing sarcastically at myself.

If you’ve ever resolved to do something you know that usually for the first few days you’re pretty good at it – then you lose a bit of your resolve and make a few blunders – then you say, “I’ll start again tomorrow.” and then you completely lose it altogether.

*Raising hand*  Yeah, that’s me. And I hate that about myself. I want so badly to announce to the world, “I AM GOING TO DO THIS.” And do it. Or to say, “I AM NO LONGER GOING TO DO THAT.” And not do it.

I mean sure, I’ve got enough self discipline to not go and rob a bank when I’m broke. And I wouldn’t jump off a bridge just because you said so or go walking around in my underwear in public just because I had a dream about it… But going to bed early? Not eating that cookie? The simpler things just don’t seem to apply.

So why is it hard? What’s keeping me from putting my foot down and really taking the plunge into the pool of promise? I think I’m just too flighty. I forget, first of all. And then I’m like, “Oh crap.” and then it’s like, “Wow, you really messed that one up.” And then I start over again. It’s a never ending cycle.

So there it is folks, something I hate about myself.       I haven’t got much self discipline.

Day 01 down.       Stay tuned for Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.


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