Second Chances

January 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

The world we live in today doesn’t offer many second chances. We hear common phrases every day such as “You made your bed, now you have to sleep in it.” and “You can never go back.” While in some ways those things are true – we do have consequences for our actions – in other ways there is a sense of finality that hovers over those kinds of statements that I don’t believe should exist.

In this life we are given choices. Sometimes we make the right choices and other times we make the wrong ones. It’s how we go about recovering from the wrong choices that makes all the difference in where we end up. And sometimes, not often but every once in a great while.. a second chance finds us.

I was on my lunch break today at work not doing much but browsing online via my not-so-trusty Blackberry when I came across an interesting story. Have you heard of the homeless man with a golden voice?

His name Ted and for quite some time he has beenTed Williams, in a family photo from 1984, with his wife and daughters.

Golden Voice: Ted Williams, Homeless Man

From what I gather through bits of the viral videos and news clips about this guy is that he, like a great many people, went through a lot of problems with drug and alcohol addiction. A portrait in the video interview with his mother shows a sharp dressed man. He is/was a husband, father of four daughters and had a job in radio.

So what causes a man with a family to turn to drugs and alcohol? What causes him to become a convicted felon for theft, robbery, escape, forgery and drug possession? And what causes someone to go 20 years without seeing their mother?

Found panhandling by reporter Doral Chenoweth who was toting his video camera along Williams finally caught a break. The video, posted 5 weeks after it was taken by Chenoweth, became an instant viral sensation and became his ticket home to see his mother. And boy does this guy have a voice.

From what I hear he’s had numerous job offers, got a haircut and some clean clothes and maybe even a place to live.

He told NBC’sThe Today Show”  “This time around I have God.”   And for his sake, I surely hope so. Second chances like this don’t come around too often.


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