Drops in a Bucket

January 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

363 posts to go…

Today my mother said something interesting. It made me wonder about more than what I think it was originally intended for, which for a blog writer is a good thing.

What she told me was to think of something I was saving up for as drops in a bucket. Rain water collects, drop by drop, in a bucket. Eventually the bucket is so full that it spills water over the edge. It seems to me that blessings should work the same way.

For example: I have been blessed with two wonderful companions; My dog Lily and my boyfriend Nat. I have been blessed with a nice apartment to live in, a full time job that I can depend on having long-term and numerous small objects and nick-nacks that make my life more enjoyable and entertaining. I didn’t do anything to deserve these things. They just came to me – mostly when I wasn’t expecting them. So each of these wonderful things is much like a drop in the bucket of my life.

Here’s where it gets tricky. We’re blessed with things and given things but sometimes things get taken away. Let’s call it a dry spell. This makes us angry, bitter, sad and even depressed at times. But if we think of it like the water in the bucket… the blessing was there. It was tangible. We had time with it. The water was in the bucket. The bucket overflowed. So why do we think we can go back on the happiness of having that blessing in the bucket just because we didn’t get something else we wanted?

Sure, water evaporates. Blessings come and go.. but it’s always raining. So where’s the perspective?

I’m not always good at showing how thankful I am for things. Sometimes it seems to me that I even have to be reminded – like at Thanksgiving time – that I should verbally proclaim that which I am thankful for. So this blog post is really dedicated to God and to all of the people who have blessed my life.

I’m thankful for the drops in my bucket. Truly I am even for the drops that came from my tears.. The drops that mixed in with the good things until I could no longer tell which was what. The drops that made my bucket overflow with all of the wonderful, gracious things that make my life what it is today.

And it’s also a formal apology. I’m sorry for being ungrateful, I’m sorry for complaining and at times only seeing what I WANT instead of what I need.. Instead of trusting and believing that the road that is set out for me and the rain and the dry spells that I will encounter is the best for me.

Thanks for the reminder, Mom.

And I think it’s time for me to get a second bucket.


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