New Years Resolutions

January 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Happy New Year – 2011

It’s hardly believable that 2010 is gone and 2011 is upon us. The time for regrets has passed and the time for a clean slate – not to mention resolutions – is here.  Now I, for one, have never been a believer in resolutions. It seems to me that they are easily made and hardly kept; swept under the proverbial “rug” after a short period of good intentions which is usually followed by a lack of self discipline, disappointment and later, abject self loathing. But given the spirit of the new year and the potential and promise it brings I’ve decided to put together a list of Intentions. We’ll just see how that goes.

Intention #1 – Self Discipline (with a side of Accountability!)

It’s daunting, really – the idea of mastering the art of self discipline. In general it goes against everything we are told as human beings. We have been force fed the idea that we deserve anything we want, wherever we want, whenever we want: So we take it. We eat what and however much of it we want regardless of consequence. We tell people exactly what we think regardless of what or who it may offend. We spend our hard earned money on things we don’t need and then come up short when we need something. In a series of self destructive actions (we sometimes blindly don’t recognize as such) we single-handedly destroy ourselves. Then we complain, get angry at, curse out, sue and blame everyone but ourselves for what WE have done. But where is the responsibility? When do we say, “Enough is enough!” and do something about it? And who will hold us accountable for what we’ve done if not each other?
So that’s where I’m headed for the New Year – a newly energized and more disciplined self. (Hopefully aided by some wise, worldly and grounded friends.) Realistically all of the other “Resolutions” or “Intentions” I list will fall under that category anyways and would be nearly impossible to complete without it.

Sub-Intention #1 – Blog Daily.

If I could even explain how dreadful this idea is to me – because of my lack of self discipline – you would laugh! How many blogs have I started this year? Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 12. Why? Lack of commitment. I know right where the root of my problem lies – don’t you worry!

365 364 blog entries away from the completion of this Intention and I’m already sweating it. To give myself a kick-in-the-right-direction I’m also going to start setting my alarm clock 45 minutes earlier to give myself time to sit down with a nice cup of coffee and write. So yes, whatever musings I unleash here will most likely be written in my zombie-like state of half consciousness. I’m sure it will be amusing.

Sub-Intention #2 – Eat Healthier and Excersize Exercise (Secret: I had to look that one up. It’s always been a weakness.)

Healthier eating is probably #1 on a few million American’s to-do lists for the New Year – and rightly so! The statistics are overwhelming – we’re just not eating (or drinking) right. Guilty as charged here, too. So what does this mean for me? I think I’ll probably stay away from the fad-diets, juice cleanses (well I might try one), starvation and calorie counting. However, as I’m not getting younger, I should start paying better attention to what I eat and how it makes me feel. The first thing I’m cutting out: Soda. Oh good Lord in heaven I need your help! The fizzy, sweet, caffeinated sensation will be missed… but if I’m going to be watching my caloric intake I think I’d rather eat my calories than drink them. Also, I’m sensing a more colorful palate on the horizon. Eating more colorful foods (*ahem* Cheetos, M&M’s, Skittles don’t count) will probably help me stay on course more reasonably. It’s definitely do-able.

Sub-Intention #3 – Explore

I’m going to get out and see the world. No more excuses. And I’m going to learn Italian.

So I think I’ll probably start with those three/four things and see where I go from there. Too much change would rock this boat a little too much for my liking… but I’m excited. I can see why the idea of these lists energizes people. But let’s just see how far I get with it.

For now… Here’s a toast to you and your Intentions Resolutions.                           xo


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