1,000 Words

I’ve decided to learn a new language. It wasn’t difficult for me to pin down which language I want to learn the most. Italian! To me it is the most beautiful, poetic language and rolls off your tongue in such a wonderful way. Of course the journey of learning a second language is a difficult one, at best. Given that I need a shove in the write right direction I think I’ll share it with you here. Below you will find my collection of words that I find the most beautiful, meaningful, moving or even just downright fun to say.

Attraversiamo – (Pronunciation: at|tra|ver|see|ah|mo) – A word made popular as of late by Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love”. (Let me interject that if you haven’t seen this movie or read the book – go do it now! It’s fabulous.) This word, loosely translated, means “Let’s Cross Over”. It is used most often when walking down the street but in the movie, and often in life, this phrase becomes something much deeper. The word sounds beautiful rolling off the tongue and as of late is something I’ve found to mean changing, transforming, crossing over into a new territory, state of mind and/or lifestyle. With the arrival of the New Year I see it only fitting that we are all, in some ways, crossing over. So, “Attraversiamo, my friends!” Let’s cross over!

1/7  I found a new word I like to say! I how often I will say it is another issue altogether! I think maybe today I will go outside and see if I can spot a scoiattolo.

Scoiattolo – (Pronunciation: skoy|AHT|toh|loh) – is the Italian word for a squirrel! Like I said I’m not sure how often I’ll get to use this little ditty but I love the way it sounds coming out of the mouth. I think it’s the combination of the oy-ah and the way the L rolls off the tongue that is very appealing. It’s probably a good word to know just in case you’re ever in an Italian restaurant and see it on the menu. I’ll probably stay away from the Scoiattolo Parmigiana. Either way, I think the dog and I will go outside and try to find one.

1/28 – I’ve really been slacking on this page but I’m just so excited that I’ve kept posting altogether! I’ve found a new word that I enjoy saying – not to mention that lately I can relate with its meaning as well.

Scombussolato – (Pronunciation: skohm|booss|soh|LAH|tah -or- |toh) – Lately I can accurately describe myself as flustered. I’ve been looking for the right Italian word to accurately describe how I’m feeling and this one first the bill. The (loose) translation for this word is “discombobulated” and that’s exactly right! Lately I’m just all over the place.. I’ve just had my head in a million places at work and home and blogging and everything else that I want to do. So I’m going to start saying this – and I’ll probably get a few quizzical looks in the process.

2/21 – Talk about slacking… obviously this page is taking a backseat to the others but I didn’t forget about it and I have a new phrase to add today!

Che Peccato!– (Pronunciation: Chay|Pe|KAT |toe) – I was cooking last night and my pan was too hot. I ended up burning some perfectly wonderful butter and in that moment wished I knew an Italian phrase to express my displeasure. Che Peccato is perfectly it! It means “What a shame!” again, loosely translated. So now – hoping that there won’t be a need for it – if I burn something I’ll have just the thing to say.


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